CM 3/CM 3+


COOL MUSCLE 3, new product added on COOL MUSCLE product line up, is just released from MUSCLE CORPORATION
with 42mm and 56mm flame sizes short and long motors.

Integrated AC Servo System with an encoder, driver, controller, DIOs and communication interface.
The basic performance of stepper motor has been dramatically improved, making it easier to obtain the
performance equivalent of AC servo motor by MUSCLE’s own motor drive technology.


Appx. 1.5 times higher speed and torque have been achieved on COOL MUSCLE 3 comparing to the existing product. Torque is even higher than AC servo motor in specific speed range. It makes your application throughput higher. You can also reduce the down time by COOL MUSCLE 3’s Warning Function that sends out warnings before alarm out and stop your application.


Perform Like a Servo,Simple Like a Stepper Motor
Performance Comparison of COOL MUSCLE 3 with Existing Motors

Servo Motors Comparison
Equivalent performance of AC servo motor is available at reasonable pricing. Machine cost can be reduced if you are using AC servo motors. Output performance will be higher if you are using stepper motors.

Torque (low speed range)
High torque output is possible even at low speeds without risk of step-out

Reduced Motor Size・Utilization when Work-Weight increases
Suitable for products that require powerful and precise motion in limited space.

Moves Quickly and Stops Quickly
High-speed control equivalent to servo motor Ideal for products that require quick and accurate positioning.
Improvement of measurement accuracy
Speed ripple is small at continuous speed. Suitable for equipment that require to rotate precisely at a constant speed against command speed.

Improvement of throughput
High acceleration and deceleration control reduces repetitive operation time greatly Suitable for products that require higher throughput
by where short time & short distance positioning are necessary.

Great Quietness・Low Vibration
Smooth motion by vector control makes it quieter. Suitable for equipment that requires quietness and image inspection equipment that dislikes vibration

Energy Saving
The current is controlled according to the load situation. It keeps current consumption at minimum level.
Suitable for AGVs, etc. which are battery-powered and require energy savings.

Continuous operation
Low heat generation allows long-term continuous use Suitable for products with high speed continuous operation with a duty ratio of over 50%.




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