Stand-Alone Cobot Solution




Built-in Vision System

TM Robot is equipped with a built-in vision system, which

integrates into both the hardware and software perfectly,

comparing to the add-on vision for robotics that are more

time consuming and costly to implement.


Painless Programming

Manage the functions and programming of your TM Robots

using the TMflowTM — an innovative, flow-based editing

software that allows you to program with simple click-and-

drag motions. With TMflowTM, you can create your own cobot

projects without any coding.


Force Limiting

Ensure the safety of your workers and any human who gets

too close to or interacts with the TM Robot. These cobots

stop immediately when they collide with any object,

preventing further injury to both human and machine.




Flexible Automation Regardless Of Your Industry

We offer three series of cobot solutions — regular payload, medium-heavy payload, and mobile. These series represent various sizes and payload capacities to match specific tasks and requirements. Each stand-alone cobot solution includes a robot arm, equipped with TMvision and TMflow. We also provide task-compatible end effectors and peripherals (TM Plug&Play) that work together seamlessly. Our TM Robot mobile series can also be easily integrated with an automated-guided vehicle for applications that require mobility to switch between multiple workstations.


Item detection module

Supports shape-based / image-based pattern matching, position

alignment and irregular item detection to identify certain object within

the vision field.Users can also use external image processing system to

perform object detection and send the result back to TMvisionTM.


Image enhancement module

Supports contrast enhancement, image smoothing & thresholding,

morphology, color plane extraction and image flipping.


Barcode identification module

Supports barcode/QR Code/2D DataMatrix reading, color classification

and string matching. Users can also use external system to perform

classification and send the result back to TMvisionTM.


Process-Oriented UI

TMvisionTM is a process-oriented user interface. It is easy to follow the software instructions and stack up the function process step-by-step, then your visual task will be ready to deploy in no time!




Visual Calibration With One Click

Just place the TM calibration board underneath the camera, and the rest of the calibration process is simplified to a click on the button for both EIH and ETH vision



TM Landmark

This unique function allows TM Robot to scan the landmark and update the coordinate of all objects in the workspace without re-adjustment. TM Landmark is much quicker by breaking the traditional limitation of not being able to move the robot around.






Replace Traditional Programming With Intuitive Interface And Graphics

Patented technology lets operators with no coding experience to quickly learn and program their first robotic task.


Painless Programming: TMflowTM

Take full control of the collaborative robots in your production or assembly lines.

Thanks to TMflowTM, you can program each TM Robot to function precisely the

way you need them to.

TMflowTM is a user-friendly, flow-based robot editing software that allows users

to design cobot workflow. It is a simple, click-and-drag program which means

programming knowledge is not a prerequisite for people to use it. Operators with

zero IT background can also program a project in just five minutes.


Simplify Your Flow: TMflow Component EditorTM

Don’t want to waste time re-creating the same workflows in different robot tasks?

TM Component EditorTM provides you with the ability to wrap up and package

compiled flows into components. You can use these components in your new

projects to help shorten the time and effort needed to re-create them. By having

customized components, it can also simplify your project process for faster



 Ergonomic Design And Force Limiting

Techman Robot complies with the ISO 10218-1:2011 & ISO/TS 15066:2016 human-robot co-operation safety requirements for collaborative robots. TM Robot can provide a pressure-free and safe environment for human operators to work in.


Safety Is Our Priority

TM Robot allows you to point out harmful human body parts that might be

harmed by the robot in TMflow’s user interface. You can also set up speed limits

for the robot arm when it is running in a collaborative workspace.

Furthermore, TM Robot is capable of performing an emergency stop when it

detects a collision, minimizing the potential damage that might cause.