CM 2

the AC Servo System that is comibined with a driver, controller, encoder, power supply and PLC function that are necessary for servo control.
COOL MUSCLE 2 is a precise high performance motor that allows you to easily control a servo motor just by plugging it to an power outlet.

Small and Simple by Integration
All devices that are necessary for conventional servo motor control are integrated in COOL MUSCLE 2. External control devices are not necessary and you can control it directly from a PC or display terminal. You can simply experience a precise and high performance motor control.

Wiring & Space Savings
COOL MUSCLE 2's wirings is very easy as just connecting connectors on cables. Significant wiring and space saving can be realized by connecting COOL MUSCLE 2 directly to PC or PLC.

Reduce the cost
COOL MUSCLE 2 can control system by using integrated PLC function.The cost of entire system can be reduced greatly.


Many Accomplishments
COOL MUSCLE 2 has been used in millions of applications. You can use COOL MUSCLE 2 with relief that has been used in medical, semi-conductor, entertainment and more applications.

Easy Wiring
Click & Click. COOL MUSCLE 2's wiring is very easy as just connecting connectors on cables.

Easy Programming
Easy commands make even complicated program easy. Easiness reduces the time for prgram creation and edition.

Integrated and High Performance 

High & Low Speed
COOL MUSCLE 2 realizes speed control fromsuper slow speed (0.012RPM)up to very high speed (8,000RPM). Position precision is precise as 1/50,000 ppr (0.0075 degrees).
* Max.speed is different by sizes


Though gain tuning is automatically done by general auto tuning, gain values are fixed. COOL MUSCLE 2 realizes the Tuningless control system. COOL MUSCLE 2 automatically and optimally controls itself against the load in real time. Gain tuning is needed anymore

High Functionality
Various types of functions are implemented in COOL MUSCLE 2 such as torque control, interplation, teaching and etc. Simple positioning, torque control, interlocking external devices and etc and are also possible and can be used in many kinds of applications. It is also possible that COOL MUSCLE 2 controls an entire application by using the integrated PLC function.
Various Functions

PLC Function
Arithmetic and logical operation are possible in COOL MUSCLE 2's PLC function. It is not impossible that COOL MUSCLE 2 controls the entire system by using PLC function.

COOL MUSCLE 2 can form Max. 15 axis network just by connecting connectors on cable.

Status LED
COOL MUSCLE 2's status is shown in the Status LED on the top of its body. You can check the status without connecting it to PC or PLC

Plenty of Parameters
Plenty of parameters are available on COOL MUSCLE 2. User's own settings can be easily set by combining only necessary parameters.

Interpolation Function
Linear and circular interpolation function is implemented in COOL MUSCLE 2. The function can be executed by simple commands without using special controller.