Basic model Rod type LBAR

      Linear guide built-in rod type compatible with radial load.

Basic model Rod type LBAR
High Rigidity-Compact-Long stroke

High rigidity structure that follows the slider type.
The integrated structure with built-in linear guide does not impair linearity even when radial load is applied.

-Maximum payload:Up to 80kg
-Maximum speed:Up to 1200mm/sec
-Stroke:50 to 800mm

LBAS Supported motor manufacturers and standards
      * For the supported models and capacities, refer to the detailed page of each model in this catalog.

      [Servo motor]-Yasukawa Electric, Mitsubishi Electric, KEYENCE, OMRON, SANYO DENKI, TAMAGAWA SEIKI, DELTA ELECTRONICS, Panasonic, FANUC, Siemens AG, Rockwell Automation, Inc., Schneider Electric SA, KINGSERVO Hoof automation CO., LTD., Beckhoff Automation GmbH & Co. KG
      [Stepping motor]-Oriental Motor
      [NEMA standards]-NEMA17, NEMA23


      1. Rod non-rotation accuracy ±0°
                The built-in linear guide suppresses rattling in the rotation direction.
                The working accuracy of the tool attached to the tip of the rod is maintained.

      2. Compatible with a long stroke.
                Compatible with a long stroke of up to 800 mm.
                The corresponding stroke has doubled when compared to the conventional product with the same size.
                This product can be used in a wide range of situations.

      3. Easy installation and specification change


Model LBAR04 (973 KB) LBAR05 (968 KB) LBAR08 (1.0 MB)
Applicable motor (W) 50 100 200
Repeatability (mm)* ±0.01 ±0.01 ±0.01
Deceleration mechanism Shifting position ball screw Ф10 (C7 class) Shifting position ball screw Ф12 (C7 class) Shifting position ball screw Ф16 (C7 class)
Stroke (mm) 50 to 500 (50mm pitch) 50 to 600 (50mm pitch) 50 to 800 (50mm pitch)
Maximum speed (mm/sec)**/*** 720 360 1200 600 300 1200 600 300
Ball screw lead (mm) 12 6 20 10 5 20 10 5
Maximum payload (kg)*** Horizontal 15 25 15 25 50 30 60 80
Vertical 3 5 4 8 16 8 20 30
Max. pressing force (N) 83 167 100 200 400 201 402 804
Rotating backlash ±0°
Maximum dimensions of cross section of main unit (mm) W44×H46 W54×H54.7 W82×H73.5
Overall length (mm) Straight ST+263 ST+269.5 ST+326
Bending ST+245 ST+249 ST+312.5
Using ambient temperature (℃) and humidity (%RH) 0 to 40℃、35 to 80% RH(non-condensing)
Servo motor Yasukawa Electric、 KEYENCE、Mitsubishi Electric、OMRON、Panasonic、SANYO DENKI、TAMAGAWA SEIKI、DELTA ELECTRONICS、FANUC、Siemens、Schneider、Beckhoff、Allen-Bradley Yasukawa Electric、 KEYENCE、Mitsubishi Electric、OMRON、Panasonic、SANYO DENKI、TAMAGAWA SEIKI、DELTA ELECTRONICS、FANUC、Kingservo、Siemens、Schneider、Beckhoff、Allen-Bradley Yasukawa Electric、 KEYENCE、Mitsubishi Electric、OMRON、Panasonic、SANYO DENKI、TAMAGAWA SEIKI、DELTA ELECTRONICS、Siemens、Schneider、Kingservo
Stepping motor Oriental Motor、NEMA standards

*Positioning repeatability in one direction.
**When a moving distance is short and depending on an operation condition, it may not reach the maximum speed. If the effective stroke exceeds 500 mm, the ball screw may resonate. (Critical speed) At this time, make the adjustment to decrease the speed while referring to the maximum speed shown in the table.
***The rated thrust and maximum transferable weight are values assuming the attached motor outputs the rated torque.

-Robonity Series Catalog (29.2 MB)