Robonity Series

Robonity series

       Ball screw driven single-axis robot actuators are used in a variety of production processes, such as automotive parts, electrical and electronics parts, food, medical products, and cosmetics. The lineup includes the motor-less [LBAS/LGXS] and [ABAS/AGXS] with motor.

      1. Intuitive x Reliable x Low cost 
            High-quality YAMAHA single-axis robots are provided at affordable price

                YAMAHA single-axis robot featuring ease of use and long service life.
New single-axis robots "Robonity series ABAS/AGXS" have been developed as more affordable single-axis robots by revising the controller design for more affordable system with reliability.

      2. Most suitable specification from wide range of selection.

                Many selection of leads,  stroke length, and size to choose from.

      3. Long Stroke
                Strong length from 50 mm to 1450 mm to choose from.

      4. Low cost high performance line-up
Easy operation and affordable system with Industrial Ethernet

                Robot positioner “EP-01” is a newly designed positioner for a better Ethernet platform and the cost performance.  As a result the price of Ethernet is now offered at the same price level as parallel I/O (NPN).  While achieving a lower cost design, “EP-01” positioner has expanded features such as standard Ethernet, feedback pulse output, direct value control function, and real-time output. 

[Supported field networks]

      5. Reliability backed by Yamaha’s history. 
            Design concept is long service life and low cost.
                All Yamaha products have gone through stringent internal evaluation process for a long service life.

      6. Space efficient compact design.
            Industry-leading compact design
                Compact design for machine size reduction.

Basic model (ABAS)

Robot positioner EP-01

Installation space comparison (Saves spaces inside a control panel)

      7. User friendly setup
            The hassle of startup is reduced.
                Ethernet port is standard on a controller and dedicated PC programming cable is no longer required. Startup procedure is reduced and simplified.

      8. Easy model selection
            Simple cycle time and service life calculation.
                The service life and cycle time can be calculated at the same time by simply entering the required information at the website. The result can be conveniently saved as PDF file.


Entry screen


PDF Easy to save