Single axis robots (Electric slider)

      Highly reliable and durable (single-axis) robot (electric slider). General-purpose robot that can be used for a variety of applications, including assembly and inspection.

Robonity Series Flip-X Series GX Series
High cost performance model that achieves ease of use, low cost, and reliability. Features a wide range of product lineups, from the ball screw type to the belt type and rotary shaft type. Controlled by the YHX controller in the same manner as the linear conveyor LCMR200 and optimal for production lines using the LCMR200.
-Basic Model Slider Type (ABAS)
-Advanced Model Slider Type (AGXS)
-Basic Model Rod Type (ABAR)
-Frameless Structure Model (T type)
-Nut Rotation Model (N type)
-High Rigidity Frame Model (F type)
-Long Stroke High Payload (GF type)
-Timing Belt Drive Model (B type)
-Rotation Axis Model (R type)

GX05, GX05L, GX07, GX10, GX12, GX16, GX20

Robot Position - EP01 Robot Position - TS
Robot Controler - SR1-X
Robot Driver - RDV-X
Robot Controler - YHX